The small historic town of Couches nestled in beautiful Burgundy is home to the exquisite studio and gallery of the internationally renowned artist Elaine M. Goodwin. Her gallery, newly established at this location, was an exciting find and a must see for anyone in the area. The beautiful mosaics which Elaine makes speak for themselves. I was most impressed with the way in which the mosaics capture and reflect the light, how they sparkle, shimmer and capture a sense of spirituality, love of life, and inquisitiveness. Elaine uses an ancient technique but creates innovative, stylish and contemporary pieces that would look great in any home or office. I bought two pieces – a gorgeous little golden bird, and a more abstract piece, gold on black mosaic, representing Elaine’s conception of the vine and her life in Burgundy. Elaine as an artist is a truly welcoming person, and walking into her gallery you will feel a connection with her and the work. Elaine clearly loves what she does and you can really see this in the work. I was very impressed and cannot recommend enough that you stop in to look at her work. Call first to make sure she is open.

Dr Zach Pieri, Sarasota, USA